Product Name : Doramectin
CAS NO : 117704-25-3
Molecular Formula : C50H74O14
Structural Formula:

Product name: Doramectin
Chemical name: Avermectin A1a, 25-cyclohexyl-5-O-demethyl-25-de(1- methylpropyl)-
Molecular formula: C50H74O14
Molecular weight: 899.11
Properties: Yellowish brown powder with low solubility in water.
Functions and uses: New-model and broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent that is effective in gastrointestinal nematode, lungworm, mite, tick, and wound myiasis.
Usage and dosage: Doramectin injection, subcutaneous (or intramuscular injection), 0.2mg/kg cow and 0.3mg/kg pig; Doramectin pouring liquid, 0.5mg/kg cow.
Preparation: Injection: 100ml 1 g, 250mg 2.5g.
Pouring liquid: 250ml 125mg, 2.5L 1.25g, 1.0L 0.5g.
Notes: 1. Doramectin is unstable and toxic to fish and aquatic organisms.
2. Withdrawal time: 35 days for cow, 24 days for pig.
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