Product Name : Spinosad
CAS NO : 131929-60-7
Molecular Formula : C41H65NO10
Structural Formula:

Spinosad  is  an  insecticide available as a  0.9%  topical solution for  the  treatment  of  head  pediculosis   in adults  and  children from 4 years of age.  It  should  be  applied to  dry  hair  and  left  on  for 10  minutes  before rinsing  out. Spinosad has ovicidal activity  and  therefore  nit  combing is not  necessary; a second application  is  only  required  if  live lice  are  seen  7 days after  the  firs!  treatment.  The  solution contains benzyl alcohol  which  may  cause fatal 'gasping syndrome'  in  neonates  

It  is also  used  as  an  agricultural  and  horticultural insecticide.

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